About Us

Hello from Cajun Country and Thanks for trusting us to make masks for your family!

Acadiana Face Masks was created by myself, Darla Seneca after resigning from my corporate job at the same time the pandemic started. I initially would only make masks to donate to essential employees because I wanted to help. Soon, the requests from family and friends became too great to ignore, and to offset the cost of the supplies I started selling the masks - but only after I perfected the process and chose a mask construction I could believe in, and thought it was the mask that was comfortable, durable and fashionable.

Before you know it, I was staying up all night to keep up with the demand. I then reached out to my lifelong friend and designer Patti Roy, which took some convincing - but ultimately she agreed to join me and make the best masks possible!

Then we needed a place to showcase our masks, and our first and ONLY choice was jenni b's antiques - owned and operated by Norma Schexnailder, another life long friend and family member of Patti Roy. It was destiny!

jenni b's is a unique quaint shop located in central Lafayette, easily accessible, and a delight to shop in, OH THE TREASURES YOU WILL FIND! I photographers dream, an antique and vintage collectors home!

We Hope you like our masks, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you are looking for, we will try to accommodate you!

Be safe, Stay Well

Darla Seneca